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Labels are a unique final touch to the creation of cotton product. There are many ways labels can be displayed: inside, outside, stitched-on onto the fabric as well as sewn-in into the seam. Labels sewn into the product are an useful source of information for customers, who can learn how to care for the product. This is one of the reasons, why labels should be of high quality, so that they remain legible even after prolonged time of use. Our products are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship and durability. 

Design your labels with us- Natura offers the most captivating products on the market. 

 Labels with logo – our  offer

Our offer includes various types of custom-made labels that are suitable for a variety of products. They include jacquard labels, nylon labels, producer’s labels, all depending on the customer’s individual preferences. Labels can contain basic care information, but can also be an aesthetic addition to the final design. Our customers can always count on our help when it comes to choosing the right type of labels. 

With 25 years in the manufacturing field, we have a wealth of experience, and are confident in the quality of products that we offer to our clients.  There is no exception with labels, which in our humble opinion, are a unique final touch to the final product. They can be displayed in many ways: inside of the product, outside, sewn onto the fabric, or sewn into the seam of the product. 

Please see the below examples of our previous work. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will do our best to meet your needs. 

Please note that the quote is prepared after we receive the label’s graphic design. 

 Our works 

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