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About Natura

Natura is a two-generation family business with ecological mindset. We were focused on being green before the environmental movement in Poland became a trend and eco-products became part of a lifestyle as we see it today.

After Poland’s political transformation in the 90s, plastic bags flooded the newly opened market and single use products were branded as modern and desirable. The consumption of the plastic packaging was growing rapidly, and always pro-ecological founders of the company, Anna and Zenon Mizerek, encouraged by Anna's mother Hanna, came up with an idea that was a refreshing alternative to what was offered elsewhere. They introduced ecological cotton tote bags, and spent countless hours promoting this eco-friendly idea among clients on Polish market. Thanks to their hard work, Natura has become the first company in Poland producing cotton bags, and as a result have started the renaissance of reusable cotton tote bags across the country. Nowadays, there is almost no household that doesn’t own and use a cotton shopping bag.

Be the change you want to see in the world

A popular saying goes ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. We are proud and extremely happy that our ecological values have won the support of conscious consumers, and other companies have joined our cause and started to promote ecological cotton packaging. Together, with our clients and consumers, we are able to decrease the production and consumption of unnecessary plastic bags.

Today, after more than two decades on the market, our offer includes several dozen products made of 100% natural and dyed cotton, and they take on a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Natura is located in a beautiful old city called Slupsk, in the northern part of Poland, Pomerania. The company employs about 50 people and have a modern machine park, where we can cut, sew and print on fabrics. Natura is constantly developing, striving for perfection and making every effort to ensure that our products remain top of the class and are enjoyed by the users. From the very beginning we have gained new customers by competitive prices, outstanding quality of our work, short lead time and the flexibility of the offer. To this day, these are our strongest assets. We welcome you to check our offer.


About the owners

Anna and Zenon Mizerek, apart from their business acumen, are NATURAlly passionate about Nature. They look after a large piece of land, with a garden and few greenhouses where they grow their own vegetables and fruits. They make their own natural cosmetics, organic tea, and also breed free-range chickens which lay organic eggs enjoyed by many local families. They both love to spend time outdoors and are extremely physically active. Anna and Zenon are also supporters of other local businesses and are always eager to engage in pro-ecological, local and charitable initiatives. 


Zenon Mizerek z wnukiem Maxem.jpg
Anna Mizerek z wnukiem Antonim.png
Piotr Mizerek z babcią Hanią i synkiem Antonim.png

Zenon Mizerek with grandson Max

Anna Mizerek
with grandson Antoni

Grandma Hanna with grandson Piotr Mizerek and great grandson Antoni

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