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    Screen printing is one of the oldest and most durable printing techniques. Natura uses two types of screen printing ink: water based ink and plastisol ink. Plastisols provide vivid and highly satured colours, and due to their increased density you cannot really see through them. Our colour range includes almost every colour from the Pantone pallete, including gold and silver and selected neon paints. We are able to transfer large 49 x 49 cm designs or small is 2 mm single lines onto the fabric. The maximum number of colours in one design we are able to print is 10 colours on natural or white fabric, and up to 8 Pantone colours on the coloured fabric.  The minimum amount of products that we use screen printing for is 100 units. The good thing about screen printing is that it is highly profitable- the more you print, the cheaper it gets unlike in other printing techniques.  


    This modern, digital printing technology reflects the depth of colours in an absolutely fantastic way. The print is saturated and extremely durable at the same time. The advantage of choosing this printing technique is the possibility of having tonal transitions, and multicolour print. With DTG we do not need screens, which significantly reduces the cost of preparing the print. The graphics are printed directly onto a t-shirt or selected fabric from our offer. The good thing is that there are no minimum quantity of order needed for this printing technique. We provide the quote after receiving project graphic.


    Apart from supporting you in designing the look of your cotton product, we also offer services of our amazing graphic designer. If you know how your design should look like, have rough sketches or illustrative photos but graphic programmes are not your strong side, you can always get in touch with us. Our team will create a professional design for you and send you the visualisation of the project. We also give old designs a more modern look and improve the readability of the project.


    For those intested in a luxurious and elegant finish of the products, Natura offers embroidery service.  Not only the designs are sharp and of an exceptional quality but they are also characterised by outstanding resistence. The minimum order is 100 units of the same project, and we are able to provide the quote after receiveing project graphics.

    You can find examples of embroidery here.


    In our modest opinion company labels are a unique final touch to the creation of cotton product. There are many ways labels can be displayed: inside, outside, stitched-on onto the fabric as well as sewn-in into the seam. 


    We also have on offer care labels:


    - Producer's care labels: free of charge care labels with washing instructions.

    - Printed satin label: for a silk, soft and delicate touch, offered in white or black. MOQ: 100 units. 

    - Embroided woven labels: for a more luxurious touch, a wide range of colours available. MOQ: 500 units. 


    As a producer of the cotton packaging, all of the products are custom made for our clients. Thus, the samples we send to you may not meet your specifications, as we are only able to provide our clients with samples of our existing projects that are in stock.  They will still show the quality of the fabrics and standard of our work though. We would be more than happy to send you one sample package free of charge.


    If interested, we also offer paid prototype preparation services. Provide us with product measurements and information on how should it look like and we will take care of the rest. Et voilà.


Interested in additional services?  Request a quote and we will get back to you with details.



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