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Aprons with customised print - a must-have clothing staple for restaurants and bakeries

Updated: Jan 24

Kitchen apron is a hallmark of every cooking enthusiast - it is eagerly used both by amateurs at home and professionals in renowned restaurants. Although its main task is to protect against dirt, it does not mean that the apron has to be boring! Why is it worth choosing an original kitchen apron with a print? Allow us to explain.

Apron with customised floral print

What makes a good kitchen apron with print?

During cooking, we come into contact with many substances that can not only leave difficult-to-remove stains but also pose a risk of burns. Therefore, well-made products guarantee that the time spent in the kitchen will not end in the destruction of your favorite clothes. What should you pay attention to when choosing printed aprons that are not only practical but also comfortable?

Fabrics resistant to grease and fire

When it comes to kitchen aprons, the choice of fabric plays a crucial role. While it should be comfortable for the skin, it should also be resistant to both grease and fire. This is especially important if you frequently cook with deep oil or serve dishes that require flambéing (i.e., igniting food on a pan or plate). A kitchen apron with print made from durable materials will make performing these complicated tricks safer. Additionally, they should be easy to clean - usually, a simple machine wash will suffice.

What material possesses such properties? Kitchen aprons made from recycled cotton with a small amount of recycled PET are an excellent choice. It is worth noting that these fabrics are made from recycled components - this not only provides the necessary comfort but also takes care of our planet’s health. Cotton guarantees adequate breathability and comfort, while recycled PET is responsible for the apron’s durability. One of the best options is a 300 gsm recycled fabric available in light gray and black colour.

Black apron with customised print

Pockets, straps and other convenient solutions

Using various tools in the kitchen creates a mess very quickly, which usually results in us not being able to find the necessary cutlery. If functionality is important to us, it is worth adding pockets to the front of the apron. This simple solution significantly facilitates cooking - we can hide accessories or products that are necessary to prepare a specific dish in them.

In addition, a kitchen apron with print is easier to match to the appearance of every silhouette. For this purpose, straps that can be conveniently wrapped around the waist and hung around the neck will be useful. Practical products have strings that allow tying on the back or at the waist level, depending on individual preferences. An additional advantage will also be the possibility of their adjustment thanks to the sewn-in comfortable snaps.

Kitchen apron with your own unique print and style

A kitchen apron with print will give this simple gadget a completely refreshed look. There are many ways to personalize it - an original print pattern, graphic, or eye-catching colour are just some of the options for creating a unique product. An interesting idea may also be to place graphics using tonal transitions to achieve an interesting, designer aesthetic.

Kitchen aprons can be printed using several methods such as innovative DTT, DTG, or DTF printing. The printing method depends on the type of effect we want to achieve - in the case of a kitchen apron with your own print containing text or gradient graphics, it is worth choosing DTG printing. On the other hand, if we want to cover the entire surface of the product, the DTT (Direct-to-Textile) method will work very well. In addition to classic prints, it is possible to create spectacular stickers using the DTF technique. Of course, it is always worth discussing the selection of the method with the manufacturer, who will explain any doubts related to product customisation and help choose the type of service. You can see the process of creating a print here:

Note that kitchen aprons with prints are available in different styles and cuts. In addition to the classic design, you can also choose original waiter’s bibs that will undoubtedly add professionalism to waiters, baristas, or bartenders. On the other hand, a restaurant chef will undoubtedly appreciate an American-style apron, made to order especially for him.

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Where can you use aprons with customised print?

We have already mentioned that kitchen aprons with prints are an indispensable gadget for a unique style in the kitchen. But is its purpose limited only to cooking? As it turns out, it can have many more uses. Where else will a kitchen apron with your own print be a hit?

  • Restaurants - the attire of both chefs and waiters affects how a particular place is perceived by customers. Kitchen aprons with prints can be used as an element creating the image of a given restaurant. A properly designed gadget should be colour-coordinated with the aesthetics of the place.

  • Cafes - a kitchen apron with your own print is an accessory that will make every cafe employee look like a professional barista. Coffee enthusiasts are certainly aware of this - these clothes have already become a permanent part of the uniform in this profession. They are already worn by participants in barista championships at both national and global levels.

  • Clubs and bars - a similar situation can also be observed in the mixology industry. Original kitchen aprons with prints are an integral part of working behind the bar. Bartenders working in clubs often perform spectacular tricks in front of guests, and durable accessories effectively protect their clothes from flooding or damage.

  • Artistic studios - kitchen aprons are used not only by employees in the gastronomy industry. These products are reliable elements of clothing for artists - painters, sculptors, potters, and many others! Kitchen aprons effectively protect against stains from oily paints and other substances used in the creative process. In addition, a practical pocket makes it easy to store brushes, painting spatulas, and more.

  • Stands - kitchen aprons with prints will also work for sellers at healthy food stalls or in their own store, farmer’s and Christmas markets. They warm up the seller’s image and encourage customers to make a contact.

It is worth mentioning that a kitchen apron with a customised print is a great gift for various occasions. Products with interesting graphics or funny inscriptions will be a proven gift for, among others, Grandparents’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and more. A cheerful print on the apron will also work for Boyfriend’s Day - manufacturers will undoubtedly propose interesting designs.

Colorful apron with customised print

Can an apron with customised print be a successful promotional tool?

In the context of promoting a company, much is said about gadgets such as cotton advertising bags or printed T-shirts. Although these ideas are known and liked by both customers and brands, printed kitchen aprons also provide many possibilities. A customised product is an ideal gift for visitors to restaurants or stores with gastronomic assortments. As we mentioned earlier, a kitchen apron with a print effectively creates the image of a company, especially in gastronomic establishments. This is extremely important to be well remembered by the customer and influence their loyalty.

In addition, a kitchen apron with your own print will work great during culinary workshops - this is a good step for companies sponsoring various events. Kitchen aprons with the company’s logo can represent not only a restaurant but also, for example, a supplier of food products or household appliances - the possibilities are really endless.

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Summing up

Kitchen aprons with prints are reliable gadgets not only for cooking but also as an element of building a company’s image. Good quality products should be resistant to grease and fire, but also have practical solutions in the form of strings and pockets to provide full user comfort. Additionally, a kitchen apron with your own print can be freely designed thanks to modern printing techniques on the material. This will give us a versatile element of clothing that will work both as a gift and a useful promotional tool in various places.


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