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Ecological Christmas gift ideas for employees with Natura

Updated: Jan 24

Christmas gifts for employees are a nice gesture that shows appreciation for their hard work. Corporate gifts add a warm atmosphere to the workplace and also give a positive image to the employer and the entire company. The more personalized and tailored to the needs the Christmas packages are, the better impression they will make on the employees. It’s worth starting preparations early enough to consider all options and choose the most appropriate ones. Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for your employees.

A thoughtful Christmas gift can be a great way to show your appreciation for employees’ hard work. It’s important to start preparing for Christmas gifts early enough to have enough time to consider all options and choose the most appropriate ones. If you wait until the last minute, the gifts will be random and impersonal, like chocolates. You don’t necessarily have to give your employees or business partners a unique gift, but thoughtful gifts are much more appreciated.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting holiday gifts:

  1. Consider the preferences and interests of your employees and business partners: It’s important to choose gifts that will be appreciated and enjoyed. If you’re not sure what they like, consider asking your employees or their colleague to ask for suggestions.

  2. Personalize the gifts: Personalized gifts are always appreciated because they show that you’ve put some thought into the gift. You can personalize gifts by adding the employee’s name, initials, or a special message.

  3. Choose practical gifts: Practical gifts are always useful and appreciated. Consider gifts that your employees can use at work or at home, such as a coffee mug, a water bottle, or a desk organizer.

  4. Consider the size of your company: If you work for a large company, it may be difficult to choose personalized gifts for each employee. Same thing applies if you have many business partners that you work with. In this case, consider giving gifts that are more general, such as gift cards or a company-branded item.

If you need to choose holiday gifts for a large number of employees, a good choice may be a gift that reflects their common characteristics. These can be accessories for phones, cars, or vouchers to use in specific stores. Sometimes a good idea may be to organize a meeting, trip, or workshop for all employees. This will allow them to integrate and translate into work relationships.

The third and most important rule is that spending a lot of money on Christmas gifts does not guarantee that the gifts will be successful. The best gift for employees doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and often the best gift is simply a practical one.

Holiday gifts for employees- what’s the point in all of this?

Ecological gift for employees

The purpose of a Christmas gift for employees is to show appreciation for their hard work. It creates an atmosphere that work is not just a duty, but also has pleasant aspects. The end of the year period favours a slight slackening at work, employees are distracted, they think about last-minute shopping and upcoming free time. Free time itself, given as a Christmas gift, it will be a greater motivation to focus on work and a sign of appreciation for the employees.

Christmas gifts for employees can be a great way to boost morale. It’s worth taking care of Christmas decorations as well, which will make work in the office more pleasant and at the same time will not hinder the performance of duties.

When you already know the tips that increase the chances of finding ideas, it’s worth considering specific examples. What should you give your employees for Christmas? Here are some ideas!

Christmas gifts for employees - check out our ideas! Eco-friendly gifts as an ideal present

As we mentioned earlier, the best Christmas gifts are those that employees can actually use or utilize. It’s best if they are well-made and can be used for years to come. Such gifts include kitchen aprons with prints, Christmas cotton tea towels, tablecloths, runners, cotton bags, or sailor bags.

Aprons, Christmas tea towels, winter season themed napkins or runners that will decorate the table will be useful during the holidays, so it’s important that they are well-made and aesthetic. Thanks to this, they will be happy to use them both every day and during the holidays. If someone loves to entertain at home, such gift would be spot on, as these gifts would be used throughout the party season. Bags or sacks are an excellent gift idea that will come in handy for trips, but also for everyday shopping.

If you make sure that such ecological gadgets are made of good quality materials, they will certainly be useful to your employees. They must be well-designed and aesthetic. The best choice will be to create a minimalist pattern or a few patterns with the company logo, which will increase your chances of hitting the employees’ taste.

Eco-friendly gifts such as special, reusable water filtering bottles are also great for Christmas gifts. Their popularity is not accidental, they are useful especially when traveling, but also in everyday life.

Universal gifts for employees

Christmas gifts are a constant element of the holiday season. How to choose a Christmas gift for a large number of employees? In this case, it is best to opt for universal Christmas gifts that the employee can choose for themselves. Gift cards are among the most popular gifts with this purpose. They can be gift cards to various stores, such as jewellery stores, but also to streaming services, audiobook platforms, drugstores, etc.

Their advantage is that the employee will have an impact on their gift and plenty of time to think about it and use it. However, such a gift for an employee has a downside - it is not personal. These are so-called ready-made gifts, nicely packaged, bringing positive feelings, but not in the same way as more thoughtful gifts. Slightly more personalized would be vouchers for “experiences”, such as a trip out of town, a hot air balloon ride, a massage, a trip to the cinema, etc.

Christmas gifts that promote development

A great gift for an employee will open up new opportunities for their passions, hobbies, or skills. There are really many options to choose from here - language courses, hobby workshops, or special courses on public speaking. You can tailor diff

erent courses for different employees or, conversely, organize one joint workshop, which will also be a great opportunity to integrate employees.

Such Christmas gifts are a great idea for both sides - by giving an employee a gift, you give them the opportunity to improve their qualifications.

Christmas gifts for employees are a great way to show appreciation for their hard work

Ready-made Christmas packages are one of the safer choices and so-called “sure bets” that many companies still rely on. You can compose various products according to your preferences: teas, chocolates, honeys, or wines. T-shirts with the company logo printed on them would also be a good addition. However, such Christmas gifts are more suitable for business partners.

Funny holiday gift

A funny Christmas gift can be a great way to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work. Such Christmas gifts with a sense of humor work best in smaller companies where employees know each other well. This way, they know what will be considered funny and what they can afford. A funny gift can be a mug with a funny inscription, a poster, a T-shirt, or a personalized game.

Although original and personal Christmas gifts for employees are perfect for creating an atmosphere and building relationships with the company, sometimes a good idea is to award a Christmas bonus. However, it happens that employers cannot afford such a gift. Such a thank you for subordinates depends solely on the financial capabilities of the company.

When choosing Christmas gifts for employees, it’s important to know what to do to avoid making a mistake. The quality of the gifts is of great importance. If you give them something that will fall apart after a few days, you will make a bad impression. Gifts cannot be offensive. It’s very important that gifts are not vulgar or stereotypical. Christmas gifts should be in line with the company’s policy and image. For example, if the company promotes ecological values, it should give such gifts to its employees.

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