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The days of plastic bags are limited, as more environmentally conscious consumers don’t want to sacrifice the health of our planet for a disposable bag, and are tired of bringing home thin plastic veggie bags. Our ecological and zero waste produce drawstring bags are a fantastic, 100% ‘green’ solution that will keep your produce fresh. These top-quality cotton drawstring bags can be used to store anything you need, including fruits and vegetables, herbs, nuts and bakery. 

Our cotton produce drawstring bags are made from OEKO-TEX certified fabric which means they are not bleached, or treated with any chemicals.

Produce bags - bulk

Natura offers 4 different models of cotton drawstring bags: with bottom panel or flat, with drawstrings on on side or both, made from different fabrics and of different sizes. All of them can be customised according to your needs, including sizes, if the one you are looking for is not on offer. If you need further information or a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are  interested in the full offer please download our product catalog.

For small drawstring bags that are used for wrapping jewellery we recommend a ribbon instead of cotton string. It gives the whole product an elegant and polished look.

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One size does not fill all - drawstring bag size recommendations: 

8_12 ok.png

8 x 12 cm - cotton drawstring bag perfect for tiny items

10_15 ok.png

10x 15 cm perfect as a wedding favour or  jewellery

20_25 ok.png

20 x 25 cm - universal size, great for wrapping baby products, cosmetics, etc.

30_45 ok.png

30 x 45 cm - fantastic bag for storing and selling bakery good, fruits and vegetables.

40_50 ok.png

40 x 50 cm - perfect for packaging clothing

50_75 ok.png

50 x 75 cm - works best in the hotel or a laundry industry

68_112 ok.png

68 x 112 cm – great large sack for storing sports or automotive equipment, linen or duvets.

 Produce bags for veggies and fruits - our  projects

A simple way to reduce plastic waste production is to replace disposable bags with reusable, washable cotton bags for fruits, vegetables, and other produce. Your customers will certainly reuse them over and over during shopping trips to the grocery store.

Check out our ideas for cotton bags for vegetables and fruits, nuts, herbs, or bread, and see what we can possibly do for you! 

Custom printed jewellery pouches

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